VSAWC has ended
Victorian Sociability
An International Conference

This conference will pair traditional presentations with a collaborative digital humanities project, sponsored by the Orlando Project and VSAWC, which we warmly invite all delegates to participate in. Mapping Victorian Literary Sociability aims to uncover the spatial networks that allowed writers, artists, editors, and publishers to collaborate and sustain successful careers. No technical knowledge is necessary to participate in this project.

In advance of the conference, we will be asking delegates to collect data on the addresses of one or two Victorian writers, artists, editors, or publishers. In workshops during the conference, we will work together to map this data, which will show us how propinquity and literary sociability shaped the careers of those who worked together, especially women who did not have access to the more public networks of the club and the literary dinner party. Support and guidance for delegates will be provided by the Orlando Project and staff from Libraries and Cultural Resources. At the end of the conference, we will launch the beta version of this project: Mapping Victorian Literary Sociability.
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Ronjaunee Chatterjee

Concordia University
Assistant Professor of English
Montreal, QC
Ronjaunee Chatterjee is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Concordia University (Montreal), where she teaches classes in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Feminist and Queer Theory. Her current book project, Thinking Singularity: Gender, Form, and Difference in the Nineteenth Century, develops a theory of singularity as individual form carved out by likeness, seriality, and minimal difference. Her work has been published in Victorian Literature and Culture, French Studies, Nineteenth-Century Literature, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and the New Inquiry.